10 Easy Homemade Pancake Recipes – Fluffy and Healthy

Enjoy breakfast with these 10 Easy Homemade Pancake Recipes. Make them for your kids or the entire family. Delicious and loaded with blueberries, gingerbread, sour cream and chocolate chips.

1. Apple Butter Pancakes

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Apple Butter Pancakes are an easy fall breakfast recipe. Loaded with sweet, cinnamon apple butter. These are the perfect way to start the day.

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2. Cornmeal Pancakes

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These Cornmeal Pancakes are light and fluffy and are perfect drizzled with maple syrup or honey and topped with warmed salted butter! It’s the ultimate comfort food that is ready in just under 30 minutes form start to finish.

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3. Fluffy Blueberry Pancakes

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This recipe for Fluffy Blueberry Pancakes will give you super fluffy, sweet pancakes with bursts of blueberry in every bite! Topped with butter and syrup, they are a delicious choice for breakfast, brunch, or dinner.

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4. Easy Gingerbread Pancakes

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The best soft and fluffy Gingerbread Pancake recipe! This is perfect for breakfast on Christmas morning because they are super quick and easy to make! You will love those pancakes that taste like gingerbread cookies!

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5. Sour Cream Pancakes

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The first thing that totally amazed me about these pancakes is that they’re made with only seven Tablespoons (a scant 1/2 cup ) of flour in the recipe.  The main ingredient in Sour Cream Pancakes is , wait for it … sour cream, one cup of sour cream.

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6. Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

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Cinnamon roll pancakes – OK, where do I start ? First of all, this is both a breakfast and a dessert recipe.

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7. Hot Chocolate Pancakes

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Hot Chocolate Pancakes feature rich chocolate buttermilk pancakes with a thick chocolate fudge topping and garnish with mini marshmallows. Perfect for Christmas morning!

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8. Gingerbread Pancakes

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These Healthy Gingerbread Pancakes are so good that you’ll want to make them all year long! Made with white whole wheat flour, gingerbread spices and molasses, these fluffy gingerbread pancakes are my kids’ favorite!

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9. Chocolate Chip Pancakes

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The BEST Chocolate Chip Pancakes you’ll ever try! This easy to follow pancake recipe yields super delicious and totally amazing pancakes every time! Ultra fluffy and filled with chocolate chips, these pancakes are so much better than a box mix!

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10. Pumpkin Pancakes

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Pumpkin Pancakes are so easy to make and bake up thick and fluffy! They are special enough for Thanksgiving breakfast but simple enough for any fall morning.

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